Early voting at Welles Park

Early voting has started and Welles Park is one of the more than 50 sites citywide where you can make your voice heard. Early voting information is below.

Get out and Vote

The Nov. 3rd election is coming up and there are lots of questions about voting. The Chicago Board of Elections is the one-stop shop for all things related to voting but here are some specific answers from Alderman Matt Martin:

Registering to Vote

I recently moved. How do I update my voter registration?

Illinois voters can update their voter registration online here. You can also use a paper form available online here.

I am not sure if my voter registration is up-to-date. How can I check?

You can check the status of your voter registration online here.

Mail-In Voting

I’d like to vote by mail, but I am concerned that my ballot may get lost in the mail. Are there other options?

Chicago voters with mail in ballots have the additional option of returning their ballot via secured drop box. These secured drop boxes will be located inside polling locations, and will have a separate line from regular early voting to avoid crowding. There is a secured drop-off box at Welles Park and you can find the full list of secured drop box sites here.

The Chicago Board of Elections plans to mail the first vote by mail ballots out to voters between September 24 and October 5. You can confirm that they received your vote by mail application here.

Early Voting

When and where can I early vote?

Chicago voters can use any of the city’s early vote locations. The full list is available here. The early vote location physically located in the 47th Ward is Welles Park. Some neighbors may also find that Truman College is the early vote location nearest to their home.

This year, Chicago expanded its early vote hours to minimize crowding and lines. You can early vote at ward-based sites starting on October 14. For a full list of hours and dates, check here.

About Welles Park Advisory Council

Welles Park Advisory Council is a group of volunteers who meet regularly to fundraise for, advise, and support Chicago's Welles Park. Join us!
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