Welcome! Slowly, we’ll be uploading all approved minutes from prior meetings. WPAC meetings are open to the public, and if you do plan to attend, checking out recent meeting agendas and minutes is a good idea.

Click below to read a pdf of our governing Bylaws, adopted in 2016 and updated in 2020:
WPAC Bylaws (Final – Setember 2016) (Revisions 011320)

Minutes from previous meetings can be found here. Apologies but these are often a few months behind, copies of meeting agendas and minutes are archived in the Welles Park Field House office.

WPAC Meeting 5.13.19 draft

WPAC Meeting 7.15.19 Draft minutes

WPAC Meeting 9.9.19 Draft minutes

WPAC Meeting 11.11.19 draft

WPAC Meeting Minutes 1.14.20

If you have any questions about the Council or would like to join us at an upcoming meeting, contact us here:

Thank you for your interest in Welles Park!

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