NaturePlace Groundbreaking


The Park District has started work on the nature play area for Welles Park. Thank you to everyone that has supported this project!

An overview:

Primary construction will take place from July 17 through August 17th, 2017. The area will be completely fenced off during this time.

In late August, the construction fences will come down but the site will only be partially accessible. Due to the nature of the project, there are some activities that can only happen late in the season, such as tree planting. Other areas that are planted with seeds or small plants will be protected by shorter fencing. It is very important to stay out of these areas while plants become established and seeds germinate or we will have increased weed issues in future years.

Many of the main play elements will be in for the fall but more may be added going forward based on resources of the Park District and Advisory Council.

In 2018 and 2019, the plants will start to fill in and the prairie and savanna landscape that has been designed will start to be realized. Be patient please!

Thank you to ABC7 Chicago for coming out for the groundbreaking ceremony and featuring this great project.  Link to video is here.

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