Please help the East-side Turf Fields

As you may know, following the significant damage from grubs during the fall of 2021, the Chicago Park District has treated and seeded the turf areas on the east side of the park (between the drive and Lincoln Ave). You may be able to see the grass starting to emerge due to our mild winter thus far.

We need everyone’s help getting this grass to establish and thrive by staying off of the this area as much as possible. Please use the sidewalks to go around the fields and encourage others to stay off the grass as it grows healthy roots.

You may see fencing and signage in spring of 2022 but please help Welles Park spread the word to be patient and we will be able to use the area when the grass can support our activity.

If you’d like to support Welles Park, please consider a donation to Welles Park Advisory Council as we bring concerts, gardens, nature, and play to the Lincoln Square and North Center neighborhoods. Click on “Donate” above to learn more.